Kelsey MacDougall - Interior Designer, BID

Creating connections between people and their environment, and telling their unique stories through design – this is what guides Kelsey MacDougall’s interiors.

Through considered design, Kelsey shapes spaces that cultivate well-being, foster communities, and provide backdrops for endearing memories. Her intuitive and efficient design solutions – with am emphasis on lasting materials – set the scene for relaxation, inspired conversation, and the intangible feeling of ‘home.’

Kelsey’s collaborations with her clients expand their expectations of the possible. Dedicated to understanding and supporting their visions, she helps to organize their dreams into functional form - while maintaining a playfulness throughout the creative process. In addition to high-end residential interiors in Toronto, she has completed commercial projects from Nunavut to British Columbia, among them the Yellowknife Racquet Club and Etandah Organic Day Spa.

Her studies at Vancouver Island University channelled her affinity for design, while her extensive global travels have influenced her personal style: the clean, elemental brightness of Scandinavia; the intricate pattern-work of India; the irreproducible patinas of Europe’s historic architecture. Her next adventure will be to experience the minimalism and connection to nature inherent to Japanese interiors.

The impression of her upbringing in Yellowknife, NT endures in her work, through spaces that strive to bring people together – an homage to the deep sense of community one attains while huddled together through frigid winters. The landscape and lifestyle of the wild BC coast resonated deeply during her studies, luring Kelsey back to her current residence in Victoria. She spends a vast majority of her free-time refining her surfing status above that of self-confessed ‘kook.’